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Logo Associazione Coro Polifonico Regina Pacis

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Name: Associazione Coro Polifonico Regina Pacis 
Author: Liliana Giovenco
Date: June 2014
Job: logo design
Client: Associazione Coro Polifonico Regina Pacis

The association purpose is to serve as a reference point for music and singing lovers. It is made of four choirs, all of them conducted by Enzo Marino: Coro Polifonico Regina Pacis, Euphoné vocal ensemble, Coro Symposium and Schola Cantorum Vox Animae.

To design the logo I focussed on the mix between Ancient and Modern elements: choral music is seen through a methodical approach, that is dynamic and current too. The result is clear and efficient: a circle with vivid colours containing a redesigned old Fa clef.
Each choir was given a specific colour with a common denominator: the design itself.

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